Illustrations, Cartoons & Caricature Drawings

The Illustration concept is designed to develop the strongest possible imaginary drawing and painting skills while fostering imaginative, interpretive, and entrepreneurial thinking. Besides employing traditional illustration tools, students are encouraged to build digital expertise.

Illustration touches our lives every day. It appears in books, magazines and newspapers, on advertising hoardings, in comics and graphic novels. It's art on a human scale – and yet the history of these images and the artists who made them is rarely explored. The House of Illustration is here to tell those stories, as well as to enthuse, inspire and educate all those who visit.

Illustrations, Cartoons & Caricature Drawings Samples

Cartoons and Caricatures bring entertainment, joy and love in our life. They help us re-live those fond memories and smile for the years to come. They are not only for Sporting Stars, Politicians and Celebs but for everyone because all are celebs in their own life.

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