Photo Retouching

Whether you a professional photographer, or a seasoned one, there are some techniques that you cannot be ignorant of in this field. Photo retouching, photo editing and photo shop masking are some techniques worth knowing which will help a photographer enhance the photos with ease. There are several tools available that will aid a photographer in achieving the perfect photo with least time and effort. And to use them, they must know basics of computer and have lots of creativity. There are cases where a photo has been completely transformed by using these techniques. The art of making a photo look real, appealing and absolutely stunning is achievable if one has the appropriate tools and knowledge on how to use them. In this article, we shall explore each one separately.

Our retouch up services include the following:
  • background replacement.
  • eye, skin or hair color changing.
  • brightening of colors.
  • heavy crease removal.
  • adding colors to the faded areas.
  • making photographs small or large.
  • Remove unwanted people, items in the environment.
  • Remove Wrinkles and adjust skin tone if necessary.

Photo Retouching Samples

photo retouching
face touchup
man retouching
watch retouching

Photo retouching is necessitated when there are a lot of objects that hamper the subject's appearance in a photo. This unwanted presence is called as noise and the process to get rid of them is called noise reduction. By using effective photo retoucher techniques such as facial retouching, reducing shadows, increase colorization, skin airbrushing, face makeover etc. one can hope to make the photo appear brighter and with sufficient contrast to please the eyes of the onlooker. Adjusting depth of a field, vignetting (darkening the corner of a photo) and color correction are some of the most frequently used photo retouching mechanisms to ensure that the photo looks boosted and superior.

Photo editing allows one to alter images so as to make them perfectly even and alluring. There are also cases of combining more than one image in order to come up with a new image that has an increased effect and perfect alignment. One can also crop the image to get rid of undesirable parts in the image with photo editing. One of the most important aspects when it comes to editing a photo is to ensure appropriate selectivity. There is no point in applying changes to the part that you want to be unaffected. Sharpening an image to give it a brighter, cleaner and colorful appearance is also made possible through photo editing. Proper care must be taken to ensure proper image orientation. Also, additional gamma correction and image slicing methods can be applied.

When you want to make something disappear from the photo, you use photo shop masking techniques. The most commonly used method is to use a blue screen that is otherwise known as Chroma key technology. This will ensure that your photo is turned into a photo of high quality. You can also subtly mask the unwanted edges in the photo and other elements such as shadows, contours and transparent ones. There are several tricks that can come handy when you need to do such photo shop masking in a short span of time. These tricks, however, can be learnt over time and through experience only. It is best to start with small simple photographs and move on to complicated pictures to help you learn progressively.

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